Please the Lord not People

As a Christian minister & counselor I have been encouraged to stick to the gospel and leave politics to others. I hear wisdom in their words in that I am first a representative of Jesus whose focus is the saving of souls, not political systems.

Yet, when we examine the Lord's life we realize that every word He uttered about the Pharisees and Sadducess had an impact on Jewish politics. These groups were both the religious and political leaders of the day. Their political duties were to be defined by the proper interpretation of their constitution, the Old Testament scriptures. In fact, Jesus Himself was/is their King, their ultimate political leader. To say that Jesus never commented on politics is simply not true.

I believe that each believer must follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit in what they say and do. If one believer thinks they better serve the Lord by staying away from political topics then they must honor their own conscience. Another might even be led to run for office. Neither is right nor wrong, let each listen to the Lord.

One thing that I have learned for sure, if I make my decisions based on how I think people will respond to me, then I am serving the wrong master. There is no pleasing people and even if we could, it is better to please the Lord.