Disasterous Results of Woke Ideology

Those in the so called "WOKE" generation are demanding a more fair world based on equal rights & results for all by law, removing by legislation the individual rights of the people, creating a totalitarian state.

For those who are confused by the recent extreme departure from truthfulness and honesty, I offer this explanation as to what is going on. Its sounds far out but I assure you it is real.

Connect the Dots:

Biblical prophecy anticipates a world connected together and controlled by a central government and religion. So the question, how will that come about and what will have to be changed for it to happen. So:

The tech advances of recent years have enabled the people of the world to become connected like never before in history. We can track our loved one’s every move and stay in constant contact most anywhere in the world. Also, people have literally become part biology and part computer as we carry our smart phones even to the bathroom lest we miss a text or notification from social media. The internet has changed the world. We are all connected - This is the means.

All through history, people have debated the existence of God & the nature of reality. If God exists then it follows that He has a design & laws for operating the universe & its creatures. But if the universe and its living creatures are just an unlikely accident, then any laws and absolutes are simply accidents as well. Then, it follows that reality as we experience it, is nothing more than a construct created by the combined beliefs of human beings. The world works the way it does because we all believe that is made that way and accept it that way. The theory appears to be that the combined thinking and belief of the human race is actually creating life the way it is, not hard and fast laws of nature created by God. The point being that if man’s combined mind-set is creating reality, then if we were all brought into a common vision for humanity, we could create a new reality, a kinder, gentler, more fair way of life for the people of the earth. This is the goal.

This new construct would have to eliminate all the differences between the sexes, races, economic status and so on. This more fair and gentler world would compel everyone to be equal in every way possible. The new world order would have to require that all of us use constructive, respectful speech, eliminating anything that might hurt others. Each of us would also be able to create & change our own realities about who & what we want to be. We will have the freedom to change genders, occupations & sexual appetites. All of our needs will be provided by the government and we will all have a job suitable to our abilities.

Most of us recognize this as a form of the Marxist, communist, utopian vision. The 20th century was the era of the failed Marxist experiments, primarily in Russian & Chinese communism. The utter failure of socialism in these nations is beyond dispute. The totalitarian control required to implement a Marxist system requires the murder of all the citizens who reject it. No votes, just terror. This same Marxist, utopian vision is still alive in China as their government has created a social justice system that controls every aspect of their lives. Using millions of cameras, the citizen’s every move is recorded and graded for compliance or noncompliance. A foreigner who was visiting China for an extended stay, jay walked across a street. Within 30 seconds his phone notified him that his bank account had been debited with a fine for his crime. Those who refuse to comply are demoted in society and denied bank loans, the ability to use public transportation and can even be sent to a camp to be reprogrammed. This will be the result - The Totalatarian State

This is the plan the woke generation has for the USA, a controlled environment that trades freedom for safety. The gun grab in Va. is a good example of where this is headed. This is actually the devil’s plan to bring the entire world under his control. Known as the great deceiver, this is part of the demonic strategy to bring about world domination.

We resist him by continuing to grow in the Lord, by being faithful to learn and look at your old thinking to replace it with truth. Pray that the Lord will lead you to good bible teaching so that you can grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus.

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