Mountaintop Message

Someone to Count On Everything seems to change so fast these days. Just when we think we have something figured out, like my computer, it changes completely. In this life, God has given us very few things that do not change. Those things or ideas that never change, called absolutes are very important for us to know. I would say that one of the most important secrets of life is to discover these absolutes and make them part of your thinking. If we know something that never changes, we can always count on it to be the same even when everything else is crazy. We always know where it will be, what it will do and for what it stands. On the other hand, some things are meant to change, like the beliefs we hold and the status of our relationships. The content of your beliefs are designed to change as you learn, grow and become more like Christ. It is critical to know what never changes and what is supposed to change and know the difference between. Two Divine Absolutes Heb 6:17-18 God, desiring even more to show to the heirs of the promise the unchangeableness of His purpose, interposed with an oath, 18 in order that by two unchangeable things (His purpose & oath), in which it is impossible for God to lie, we may have strong encouragement, we who have fled for refuge in laying hold of the hope set before us. God wants us to have total confidence in His purpose to bless us & His unconditional promises (oath) to do so under any & all circumstances. God’s purposes are the expression of His perfect, eternal essence and love for His creation. His oath is the covenant He has made with mankind described in His promises. Every aspect of God’s purpose and plan is rooted in His infinite love and perfect righteousness. He wants us to know that we can count on who/what He is and every word that He has said to us. Immutable Person & Purpose The first of these two absolutes is the essence of God as viewed through His eternal purpose. God Himself does not change. For all eternity He has been the same. His eternal, never - changing-ness is called immutability (Heb 13:8 Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever). As an eternally existing, omnipotent (all powerful) and omniscient (all knowing) Person, He has always known everything that He wanted to do and everything that would happen. The existence of the universe and even life itself depends on His unchanging Person and essence. Consider the steadiness of the laws of physics that keep the stars, sun and moon in their place. The stability of everything that we know is rooted in and dependent on His immutable self. The immutability of God applies to the Trinity or Godhead as God is called in theology. The trinity consists of God-Father (GF), God-Son (GS) and God-Holy Spirit (GHS). All three members of the Godhead are co-equal and co-eternal and yet all three have chosen to perform different roles in angelic and human history. GF is in charge of the plan and performs the role of ultimate authority (1Cor 15:24-28). GS, Jesus Christ executed the plan by incarnating as a man and fulfilling the mission of redeeming fallen man through His sacrificial work on the cross and in His resurrection (Phil 2:6-11). GHS reveals the plan to the lost through evangelism (Jn 16:7-11) and to the saved by leading us into all truth (Jn 16:13). It is the mentoring ministry of GHS, specifically His revealing of truth and His enabling us to change that will be the focus the second absolute on which we can count. Immutable Word & Plan God the Holy Spirit (GHS) is the divine revealer of truth as found in the bible. One of His primary jobs is to take the ideas taught in the bible and enable the believer to relate to the concepts in a personal way. The fact that GHS is immutable allows us to know that He will always perform His mentoring ministry to church-age believers the same way every time. Every moment of our existence after salvation, we can trust that GHS is doing His job the exact right way. Every time that we look to Him for understanding and wisdom, we know that He will carry out His responsibilities perfectly. His mentoring ministry to us is an absolute that we can count on to be constant and reliable. The second absolute that we can count on is the word of God. 1Peter 1:24-25 explains that everything in this world will pass away but the word of the Lord remains forever. 1 Peter 1:24 For, "All flesh is like grass, And all its glory like the flower of grass. The grass withers, And the flower falls off, 25 But the word of the Lord abides forever." And this is the word which was preached to you. Every promise and principle that God has given us in His word is true and remains true forever. Jesus explained that even the very letters of the words God used through the human authors are inspired (Mat 5:8). What God has said, we can trust, every time, all the time. His word doesn’t change. Knowing and believing this gives us something stable that we can use as a benchmark. Finally, those aspects of the human condition that God intends to change are the ideas we hold within our human souls. Our souls and specifically our hearts change every day and do so by divine design (2Cor 4:16). God made the human heart so that it would grow and so that our ideas would change as we learn and go through all the stages of human development. Simply stated, God designed the human heart to be programmed and to operate on all the ideas that we choose to believe all through our lives. All the ideas that we believe throughout our life are built into a system within our hearts. This belief system is the control mechanism of our thoughts, attitudes, feelings and behaviors. Our belief system is the operating system that controls every aspect of our inner human existence. To control our direction, our values, our attitudes, our feelings and our personal destiny, we must control our beliefs. This is why our enemy, the devil seeks to influence us to believe his lies so that he can control our souls. This also why rejecting his lies and believing God’s truth is what sets us free (Jn 8:32).