Changing our Perception of Reality

Al Rosenblum

December 30, 2019 ·

I am deeply concerned for our nation. A world wide concerted effort is being made by a group of activists, including educators, media, politicians & especially tech giants to change the public's perception of reality. The liberals in control of social media are literally returning answers to queries that are intended to persuade people that reality is something other than it is. Gender is no longer fixed, sexuality is anything goes, racism is inbred, not a choice, freedom of opportunity is replaced by determined results and all white people are racist & beneficiaries of white privilege. Wow! Every aspect of actual life must be changed. The so called woke ideology has determined to remake the world, the nature of human beings & the way they relate to one another by purposely twisting reality.

This corrupting of reality is ultimately an attack on God, Christ & the bible as absolute truth. If reality can be altered by the combined thinking of the people, then there is no such thing as reality, only perception. The woke/joke folks contend that there is no such thing as reality and therefore no God, no Jesus as the savior and no absolutes from the bible.

My discussion about what appears to be political issues is actually about spiritual life. Our nation was built on the idea of freedom of thought and responsibility for one's choices with Christian values at its core. Biblical truths, indeed the idea of truth itself is under a massive attack by our media, our liberal politicians and even our school teachers who are deceiving our children.

If you have never trusted that Christ paid for your sins, was buried and raised from the dead to earn your way to heaven, then today is the day to conside Jesus. If you are a believer who has fallen away from your spiritual life, it is time to return to the Lord, to the church and the word of God. It is time to turn back to the Lord, before we sabotage this great freedom causing our children and grandchildren to live in fear.