Spiritual Freedom - Political Freedom

We all hope that USA refuses to stop eating away at the Bill of Rights. But even if all of our rights are lost within a totalitarian state as proposed by liberal politicians, we can never lose our spiritual freedom in Christ.

Even if we lose our freedoms because of political evil, no one can take away the freedom that Christians have in their souls. The Holy Spirit has freed us from the deadly grip of the condemnation from Adam's sin, the Sin Nature & empowered us to exchange our worldly beliefs for the beliefs of Jesus. We can't lose our freedom to hear the Holy Spirit, understand and believe the word nor live obediently for Christ. No government or army can take away the freedom in your soul.

So, choose today to ask yourself if you are living free by walking in the Spirit, by trusting the promises & principles of God's word to live your life, by looking for the roots of your actions so that you can change your core beliefs. The only reality in life is the Lord and His purposes for us, the world, the politics, etc is all a smoke screen.

Look deeper behind the curtain and into your own motives. Jeus came to set us free so that we can live free.

Financial Policy:  No money is ever charged or requested for services or materials provided by Reverend Al Rosenblum or Transformation Counseling. God gives to all generously without charge, as a free gift, paid in full on the cross by the Lord Jesus Christ. When God inspires His children to support His ministries, they are free to give without expectation or pressure. That is grace!