Golden Calf of the Cult of the Woke

Those who reject a Creator God feel compelled to replace Him with a god of their own making, a modern version of the golden calf. For the modern leftists, that god is government who they believe can resolve all problems.

Whenever any group determines that only their ideology is correct and that everyone else is evil, you are dealing with a cult. In a cult, you are not allowed to think your own thoughts or find anything worthy of consideration in the views of a non-member. For example, everything that Donald Trump does is evil, to be nullified, no matter how much it might help people or improve the nation. Anyone who supports him is stupid, mindless or according to Hillary Clinton, deplorable.

The modern day “woke” ideology of the political left is just that, it is a cult. Their declarations about systemic racism, evils of capitalism, climate crisis, identity politics, gender fluidity and a host of other issues are declared to be the only right position, period. Any other view is declared evil and must be destroyed using any means possible. No lie is out of bounds as we watch the misinformation machines spin out of control, both sides pointing fingers.

The divide deepens as this cult grows bolder than ever, proposing in Virginia that the most extreme gun laws in our history are for the safety of the public. This claim flies in the face of the FBI’s own stats but truth and reality are of little importance now, only promoting the cult’s doctrine that the only real god is government.

Well the real God is definitely NOT government!! He is JESUS and while we see our nation being purposely torn apart for multiple reasons, He is still in control. For myself, I am seeking the line of being a Christian, a citizen of heaven and a minister first but also claiming the right to speak my beliefs as a citizen of USA. For me, little is accomplished if my words produce only political solutions because Christ is the answer to all of life’s struggles.

Remember: He is allowing all of these things to help us grow more like Christ so that we can use the situations of our life to glorify Him. God is in control and if He allows us to go under as a nation, best be ready to weather the storm through your relationship with Him. Only those who have prepared their souls now will be able to ride out the real storm coming.

Financial Policy:  No money is ever charged or requested for services or materials provided by Reverend Al Rosenblum or Transformation Counseling. God gives to all generously without charge, as a free gift, paid in full on the cross by the Lord Jesus Christ. When God inspires His children to support His ministries, they are free to give without expectation or pressure. That is grace!