Absolute Truth or Relative Truth?

Does one absolute reality actually exist or is reality only a perception. This question has been asked from antiquity up until today.

Politicians on both sides of the aisle seek to persuade public opinion by sticking to a common narrative, participating in a scripted drama, telling a version of the truth rather than just speaking their own truth. I realize that the parties see themselves as participating in a massive TV show debate before the people and that their role is is to help their side, but I find myself skeptical that the Lord approves of that approach.

In John 18 when Jesus is discussing his innocence with Pontus Pilate, He says "I have come to bear witness of the truth." Pilare's response was "what is truth" meaning is there such a thing as the absolute truth?

This same question has been asked from antiquity up to today, Is there a fixed reality to which we must orient or can we make up our own reality as we want it to be.

Jesus Christ is said to be the core and essence of absolute truth, the LOGOS. He is the architect of the universe & all of its creatures. He created us for His own purposes and pleasure. Believing in Him and learning of Him, growing in a relationship with Him to be like Him is His design of life itself. He is reality, not a vesion of it and He didn't design us to develop and pursue a vision of life apart from Him.

Trusting Him for salvation, growing in His word, coming to know Him, growing into intimacy with Him & becoming like Him in our own hearts to manifest His character through our lives is the essence of reality.

Trust Him and His reality, not the corrupted versions that come to us through media.

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