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A Message from Al Rosenblum 

As an ordained Christian MInister, Bible Expositor and Pastoral Counselor I feel led to help other believers understad God's plan, their own souls and their own personal experience as a Christian.

Saved by believing the gospel in my early 20's, I began my Christian life very hungry to understand God's plan. I entered into an intense learning process that included reading hundreds of books, systematic theology and even Koine Greek so that I could read the bible in its original form. By the time I was 30 years old I was filled with knowledge but honestly I was just as miserable in my soul as I had ever been. I knew a lot and what I knew was valid but I had no idea how to take this wonderful knowledge of Jesus and get it into the depths of my heart. This began my journey to understand how God has designed His plan to work. 

My education includes advanced degrees and certifications in both theology and counseling. I have also been trained to translate the original Hebrew and Greek texts of the Bible to develop complete categorical studies of specific biblical subjects. These unique studies have great practical application to life in today’s world.